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6.17: Databites; listening machines; annual report

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Databites: We’ve begun posting videos of “Databites,” Data & Society’s weekly speaker series. Peruse past and future sessions here or catch recordings on the D&S YouTube channel. If you’d like to be invited to an upcoming Bite, please drop us a line, and we’ll send you an RSVP link. (Live streaming coming soon!)

Listening Machines, and the whether, when and how of new technologies: “A day thinking about eavesdropping dolls and personal assistants that can turn state’s evidence left me confident only that I don’t think anyone has thought enough about the implications of these systems to posit possible, desirable futures for their use.” –Ethan Zuckerman

Fix the DMCA to Make the Internet of Things Stop Working Against Us: “The problem though, is that the consequences of security flaws on the internet of things are much, much higher than anything we faced in the age of Napster.” –Anthony Townsend

Data & Society Report on Activities, 2014-2015: We’ve distilled Data & Society’s first year into a report that we hope you’ll check out. Let us know what you think. And thank you, readers, for your continued engagement with our work!

Around the Around

Big data changes the way you buy a home: “Given so-called big data analytics, the future could hold all kinds of additional slicing, dicing, and scoring of real estate, neighborhoods, and the individuals in them.” –John Wihbey

Who Will Own the Robots? “…the best response to the economic threats posed by digital technologies is to give more people access to what [J.C.R.] Licklider called ‘intelligence amplification’ so that they can benefit from the wealth new technology creates.” –David Rotman

Consumer Groups Back Out of Federal Talks on Face Recognition: “…privacy advocates said they were giving up on talks because they could not achieve what they consider minimum rights for consumers — the idea that companies should seek and obtain permission before employing face recognition to identify individual people on the street.” –Natasha Singer

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