Announcements | 10.28.16

A.P.B.: Weapons of Math Destruction

Tempus fugit, friends. First it was staving off/embracing the robot apocalypse, then it was a ten-spot of emerging thematic clusters. And now, Weapons of Math Destruction.

Together and individually, the Data & Society community has been reading Cathy O’Neil’s Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy, and Cathy was our Databite speaker this week (video here). Her book concerns many areas of our work and research — and we’re posting our responses, mini-symposium-style, on Data & Society’s Points…*

Models in Practice by Angèle Christin

On criminal justice and “Civilian Casualties” by Ravi Shroff

Safety Checklists for Sociotechnical Design by Mark Ackerman

Shining a light on the darkness by Mark Van Hollebeke

Sausage, politics, and data predictions? by Anne Washington

Ethics review for pernicious feedback loops by Jacob Metcalf

…which is not to diminish the half a dozen other pieces that have appeared on Points in the last couple of months and that take up privacy, law, law enforcement, not to mention tech project success in the social change sector and the environmental costs of devices and networks…

* “Data & Society’s Points…?” Yes, our Medium publication, Points, is an experimental collection of pieces from the Data & Society community: occasional extracts, essays, and provocations to manifest, complicate, and re-frame the relations between data, technology, and society.

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