Announcements | 11.28.16

A.P.B.: surveying the “gig economy”

Gentle readers, it’s time once again for an All Points Bulletin.

The Pew Research Center recently released “Gig Work, Online Selling and Home Sharing,” a report which adds some needed empirical footing to conversations around the future of work and labor. A number of friends and family responded to the report on Data & Society’s Points…*

Spike in Online Gig Work: Flash in the Pan or Future of Employment? by Siddharth Suri and Mary L. Gray

We’re Not All Entrepreneurs: Pew Data Reveals Yawning Gaps in “Platform Economy” by Brooke Erin Duffy

Phones, but No Papers: New Vulnerabilities in On-demand Work by Julia Ticona

“These Days, Everyone Needs a Side Hustle”: Pew Data Uncovers a Gig Economy Born of our Precarious Times by Dan Greene

Imagining the Sharing Economy by Caroline Jack

Toward a Just Future for Platform Labor by Niels van Doorn

(Bonus! In HBR, Alex Rosenblat discusses What Motivates Gig Economy Workers.)

…but the future of labor isn’t the only thing on our minds; over the last month, a number of other pieces have appeared on Points, covering media, the US presidential election, polling, propaganda, and online harassment

* “Data & Society’s Points…?” Yes, our Medium publication, Points, is an experimental collection of pieces from the Data & Society community: occasional extracts, essays, and provocations to manifest, complicate, and re-frame the relations between data, technology, and society.

Previous All Points Bulletins include talking bots; spheres, students, ethics; and Weapons of Math Destruction.


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