Updates | 11.30.16

11.30: jobs and calls; post-election; online harassment

updates and ideas from the D&S community and beyond

—ongoing calls—
Call for 2017-18 D&S fellows; apply by Dec 19.
Plus, we’re hiring two to four postdoctoral scholars for 2017-18; apply by Dec 6.
We’re also hiring a Human Resources Manager and a Research Analyst ; apply by Dec 19.
IJOC Call for Papers: Special Section on “Privacy at the Margins”; abstract deadline: Dec 6.

Around the Institute

New on Points: after the election
In addition to a collection of responses to the Pew Research Center’s survey of the “gig economy” (including a new essay by Niels van Doorn, Toward a Just Future for Platform Labor, a string of recent pieces on Data & Society’s Points: Mary Madden rescues (better) election polling , Gilad Lotan shows that Fake News Is Not the Only Problem, and much more.

Bonus: Robyn Caplan opines on “the economic and organizational incentives behind Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.”

Chilling Effect of Online Harassment
“Social media like Twitter and Facebook are certainly flawed, but they function as hosts for public conversations on a huge variety of social issues.” —Alice Marwick

Bonus: danah boyd, Culture of Harassment

Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning
The growing FATML community converged on New York recently for the 2016 FATML workshop. Sorelle Friedler and Nicholas Diakopoulos took to the MIT Tech Review with their view of How to Hold Algorithms Accountable. In the same vein, danah boyd prepared remarks for an EU Parliament roundtable on algorithmic accountability and transparency in the digital economy.

Simulating Enron: The undead corpus of emails from a massive corporate fraud
Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain created an “artwork recreates the experience of receiving all 500,000 emails from the Enron email archive via a chronological timescale of the viewer’s choosing.” You might want to sign up for The Good Life.

Welcoming Catherine Bracy
We are tremendously excited to announce that D&S advisor Catherine Bracy is joining our Board of Directors!

Around the Around

People Censor Themselves Online for Fear of Being Harassed
Kaveh Waddell wrote about the Data & Society / Center for Innovative Public Health Research report on online harassment. “‘It’d be nice to think that we could find a technological solution that would fix this [harassment],” said [Amanda] Lenhart. “But I suspect it will take a combination of technological solutions and conversations around social norms, beliefs, and behaviors.’”

The Surprising Implications of the Microsoft/Ireland Case
“…here’s the twist. The court’s decision assumed that Internet providers knew where its customer emails were located and that emails could be accessed from those places.” —Orin Kerr


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