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12.7: the glass room; missing data; good intentions

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Around the Institute

Points: Go to The Glass Room. If Black Mirror Had a Showroom, This Would Be It
“I want to see The Glass Room everywhere there is an Apple Store…And anyone founding or working for a tech company should have to prove they’ve gone through this space and understood its meaning.” —Baratunde Thurston

Dangerous Data: The Role of Data Collection in Genocides
Zara Rahman shares how mass surveillance and data collection can provide tools and information to enable genocide.

Broadway won’t document its dramatic race problem, so a group of actors spent five years quietly gathering this data themselves
Mimi Onuoha profiles the Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC) of Broadway and off-Broadway and their efforts “to track racial demographic data in the industry.”

Well-Intentioned Uses of Technology Can Go Wrong
“If we allow [extended intelligence] to develop without thoughtfully managing how it integrates with, and affects, society, it could be used to amplify dangerous biases and entities. And we may not notice until it’s too late.” —Joi Ito

Around the Around

Google alters search autocomplete to remove ‘are Jews evil’ suggestion
“On Monday the searches for Jews and women no longer returned those results, although the “are Muslims bad” autocomplete was still present…Google did not comment on its decision to alter some but not all those raised in the article.” —Samuel Gibbs

Call for privacy probes over Cayla doll and i-Que toys
“In addition to the data protection concerns, a hack allowing strangers to speak directly to children via the My Friend Cayla doll is still possible.” —Chris Baraniuk


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