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3.22: biotech futures; troll magic; fake solutions

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New Listen Episode:
Synthetic Biology: Biotech Futures with Tom Knight and Christina Agapakis

Around the Institute

Jobs, jobs, jobs: Two positions open at D&S!
We are seeking a Communications Manager (apply by: March 31) and a Research Project Lead: Media Manipulation (apply by: April 3).

The Limits of Education Purpose Limitations
“Schools rely on outside, often for-profit, entities to provide these innovative tools. With the shift from education records to student data systems, privacy protection through access control does not account for the possibility that authorized recipients, or even educators themselves, might use student data for commercial or other non-educational purposes.” —Elana Zeide

Trolling Scholars Debunk The Idea That The Alt-Right’s Trolls Have Magic Powers
“Taking the time to map—to accurately map—the repeated, fractured, reconfiguring mobilizations emerging from anonymous and pseudo-anonymous spaces online allows us to understand where we are and how we got here.” —Whitney Phillips, Jessica Beyer, and Gabriella Coleman

Around the Around

Confirmation Bias: Did big data sink the Clinton campaign?
“By deallocating resources from Wisconsin and Michigan, Ada starved herself of data that might have caused her to recognize a problem. The campaign validated Ada’s model nightly, but the question is, what was being validated?” —David Auerbach

Fake News and Fake Solutions: How Do We Build a Civics of Trust?
“It is easy to find fault with the technologies that facilitate our collective civic life. It is much more difficult to look at our civic life as a whole and determine whether and how it may be failing.” —Ivan Sigal

Predictive Policing Startup Seeks to Address Bias
“‘CivicScape is…doing something that no other major developer of predictive policing has done yet to my knowledge, which is to make the method, the algorithm [and] the weighting system transparent.’” —Ezekiel Edwards


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