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4.12: accountability; revenge; illicit auras

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New on Medium: danah boyd’s transcribed and adapted talk from the US Department of Commerce Data Advisory Council (October 2016).


Around the Institute

Why We Invested: Data & Society – Positive Returns

Today, Data & Society is pleased to announce generous new support from Omidyar Network: “Interest in the accountability and ethics of artificial intelligence and data-centric technologies, including automated decision making, is growing. However, it is still a nascent field that crucially lacks high quality and accessible research, and a diverse network of multidisciplinary experts. To help address this need, Omidyar Network is providing a two-year grant of $850,000 to Data & Society, a research institute based in New York, which is at the forefront of addressing these gaps.” —Martin Tisné

JOBS: Extended Deadline Ends This Friday

This is the final chance to apply to be the Data & Society Communications Manager (Deadline: Friday). We also seek a Research Project Lead: Media Manipulation (Open until filled).

How young adults define ‘news’: 7 good questions with Data & Society’s Mary Madden

“As one young man described [news content]: ‘You’re going to end up having to see it. Like in the future, they’re going to want you to see it. You ain’t going to have a choice. It’s going to pop up on everything.'” —Mary Madden, as interviewed by Laurie Beth Harris

To Serve the National Interest

“Building on Wessler’s journalistic investigation into privately run immigrant-only federal prisons, Burrington and Begley present seventy-five individual lenticular prints of satellite imagery capturing these sites and government documents pertaining to them.” —Rhizome


Around the Around

Facebook steps up fight against revenge porn

“The social media giant said in a blog post Wednesday that once a revenge-porn picture is reported and removed, new artificial intelligence photo-matching technologies are used to prevent that same image from being posted on Facebook Messenger and Instagram.” —Marco della Cava

BONUS: Amanda Lenhart, Michelle Ybarra, and Myeshia Price-Feeney’s paper on nonconsensual image sharing.
The Illicit Aura of Information 

“The dataset is only worthy of attention if it contains transgressions, and as it is being presented as worthy of attention, it must therefore contain transgressions. The illicit aura creates an assumption of wrongdoing before any analysis takes place.” —Molly Sauter

The Gig Economy’s False Promise

“In reality, there is no utopia at companies like Uber, Lyft, Instacart and Handy, whose workers are often manipulated into working long hours for low wages while continually chasing the next ride or task.”— The New York Times Editorial Board


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