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6.21: buffering apocalypse; conspiracy; corporate surveillance

June 21, 2017
updates and ideas from the D&S community and beyond

Tune in NOW at 4:00pm EST for a livestream of Databite 102, the grand finale of our Databites 100 Series. Four Data & Society fellows present on contested truthssystemic entropythe (still buffering!) apocalypse, and information control.

Around the Institute

Alex Jones And a Platform For Everyone?

“Typically, there’s a desire to appear in mainstream media because it amplifies messages in a way that social media can’t…Social media fame is more niche, more targeted, and it tends to [involve] more insular communities.” —Alice Marwick

New consulting opportunity at D&S!

We are looking for a UX Consultant to help the Communications team upgrade the website. Apply here!

Around the Around

Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life

“In spite of its omnipresence, only the tip of the iceberg of data and profiling activities is visible to individuals…Enforcing transparency about corporate data practices remains a key prerequisite to resolving the massive information asymmetries between data companies and individuals.” —Wolfie Christl

The Stanford Open Policing Project

“Our team is gathering, analyzing, and releasing records from millions of traffic stops by law enforcement agencies across the country. Our goal is to help researchers, journalists, and policymakers investigate and improve interactions between police and the public.”

Facebook Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Find Extremist Posts

“‘Will it be effective or will it overreach?…Are they trying to discourage people from joining terrorist groups to begin with, or to discourage them from posting about terrorism on Facebook?'”  —Jillian York, as quoted by Sheera Frenkel



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