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7.12: biopunk; gig economy; sinking news

July 12, 2017
updates and ideas from the D&S community and beyond

New Listen episodes: Ruha Benjamin on Designer and Discarded Genomes and Joanna Radin on Digital Dystopias: How Michael Crichton Taught me to Start Worrying and Fear the Future from our Future Perfect Conference

Around the Institute

Who cares in the gig economy?

“While glamour is the consolation prize offered to the newly precarious, companies bringing on-demand services into historically low-wage, low-status work may be banking on an advantage of low expectations.” —Alexandra Mateescu

Biopunk: Subverting Biopolitics

“The danger of offering stereotypes based primarily on sex and ancestry predictions is that a black box algorithm in the hands of the police can become a new form of racial profiling which appears to have the authority of real genetic evidence.” — Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Alt-Left Out

“Our [Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online] report focused almost exclusively on far-right groups, and many readers asked us whether anything similar was happening on the left.” —Becca Lewis

The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund Commits $7.6 Million to Organizations That Bolster Civil Society Efforts Around the World

We are pleased to share that Data & Society is one of nine organizations receiving support from the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund. With this support, Data & Society will conduct a series of ethnographically-informed studies of intelligent systems in which human labor plays an integral part, and will explore how and why the constitutive human elements of artificial intelligence are often obscured or rendered invisible.

Around the Around

The News Business Sinks Ever Closer to Rock Bottom

“It’s easy to see why publishers want to team up and bargain as one: Facebook and Google continue to take what they want from the news media—content to churn through the News Feed and ever-more-recent search results—while soaking up all the advertising profits available. This is a game where the distributor keeps almost the whole pie, and only so many news organizations can survive on the scraps the Internet platforms allow to fall to the floor.” —Alexis C. Madrigal



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