Jul 26, 2017

7.26: becoming chelsea manning; five new jobs

July 26, 2017
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Data & Society Artist-in-Residence Heather Dewey-Hagborg holds 3-D printed masks created from Chelsea Manning‘s DNA samples.
Their collaboration opens on August 2 at Fridman Gallery in New York.

Around the Institute

Data & Society Workshop: “Lessons From The Field”

Apply by August 25: Data & Society invites researchers who do empirical work using qualitative methods to submit papers for our October 30 workshop Lessons From The Field.

We seek researchers who study socio-technical systems, practices involving technology, and social transformations that sit at the intersection of technology and society.

Five Job Openings at D&S!

Finance & Administration




  • Finally, we are looking for part-time Programs Assistant! Gain experience supporting our ace events team in producing dynamic monthly, weekly, and ad-hoc events.