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(Closed) Now Hiring: Newsroom Outreach Lead

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This call for applications is now closed. 
Download a PDF of the job description here.

Data & Society Research Institute seeks a one-year, full-time outreach lead to share its research on disinformation and media manipulation with newsrooms and media leadership by producing practitioner-focused materials, events, and individual briefings as required. The Newsroom Outreach Lead will ensure that our research is both directly informed by working journalists, and reaches them in actionable ways. This is a 12-month contract position.

We seek demonstrated experience in producing newsroom guides, and a sensibility towards outreach informed by personal immersion inside a broadcast, digital, or print newsroom. You should understand the interplay between media trends, information ecosystems, and the day-to-day pressures weighing on editors and reporters. This role will apply their sectoral knowledge to producing digestible, actionable artifacts such as newsroom best practice guides, and to organizing and mobilizing constructive real-life conversations rooted in Data & Society research insights.

Success in this role looks like:

  • Resonant and concise artifacts for newsrooms and media leadership that represent the insights of each Media Manipulation Initiative (MMI) research product to date.
  • 1 large event and 4 smaller events to engage newsroom stakeholders with research insights.
  • Robust, constructive feedback collected on the relevancy and applicability of MMI research.
  • A documented and thoughtfully stewarded network of partners and engaged practitioners.
  • Researchers who are satisfied with the translation of key concepts in their work.

The Media Manipulation Initiative examines how different groups use the participatory culture of the internet to turn the strengths of a free society into vulnerabilities, ultimately threatening expressive freedoms and civil rights. Read more about the work of the initiative here. Data & Society is an independent nonprofit that produces original research and provides stakeholders with evidence-based insights on emerging technology issues. Recurring themes relevant to journalists from Data & Society’s research include “strategic silence,” “source hacking,” “data voids,” and the concept of media cycles unwittingly amplifying extreme ideologies.


  • Develop resources and tools from Data & Society research such as white papers, presentation decks, and tip sheets that translate research into actionable insights, best practices, and digestible recommendations for media practitioners and influencers.
  • Scope, write or co-write, and produce original artifacts that communicate insights from each main MMI research product. Collaborate with authors and researchers on translating original works. Collaborate with Communications Production Manager to design and produce artifacts with the in-house production team.
  • Work with the Director of Communications & Creative Engagement to carry out strategy by identifying core media organization partners, outlets, newsroom leaders and other relevant stakeholders, influencers, and practitioners.
  • Produce at least 1 large event and 4 smaller events to engage these key stakeholders with research insights. Collaborate with in-house Program and Events Manager to schedule, scale, and produce.
  • Build and capture relationships with media practitioners, and incorporate their input and feedback on the relevance and applicability of our concepts/materials using surveys, interviews, and synthesis for internal reporting.
  • Act opportunistically to secure short-term collaborations and partnerships that extend the reach, influence, and impact of the research. This could potentially include tip sheets, distribution opportunities (via presentations at major industry events, expert workshops, and webinars), digital media campaigns, and/or 1-1 outreach.
  • Create blog posts and social media copy/assets that update stakeholders on new artifacts.
  • Regularly coordinate information and activity planning with communications, events, and research staff across the Institute, aligning on shared objectives.

Qualities of Job Candidate:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required.
  • Demonstrated record of developing effective resources for journalists.
  • At least three years of experience working in a newsroom or at a leading media organization. Experience producing news–especially breaking news–is highly desirable.
  • Experience managing complex professional relationships and partnerships between organizations or community groups where at least one party was a newsroom or leading media organization.
  • Experience with diverse audiences and communities is preferred.
  • Exceptional communication skills, including discretion and tact.
  • Direct experience organizing and facilitating events, including the ability to facilitate complex conversations.
  • An active social media presence and understanding of different social media platforms.
  • Deep networks in journalism; particularly in online, television, or print media.

Practical Considerations:

  • This is not a remote position; you must work part time from the Data & Society office in the Flatiron section of New York City.
  • You must be eligible to work in the United States; we are unable to sponsor visas.

Please submit your application through this link. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

About Data & Society

Data & Society focuses on social and cultural issues arising from data-centric technological development. We seek to inform and develop frames for discussion of these complex issues both through our own research and through supporting the expansion of a nascent field of actors concerned about these topics. We want to be a resource, a catalyst, and a convener as new sectors recognize the complexity of the issues and the need for trade-offs when they increase their reliance on data as a tool for management and decision-making.

We see the field as comprised of researchers, journalists, policymakers, technologists, industry leaders and workers, funders, advocates, and civil society actors. We are committed to helping this field engage substantively, and with an evidence base, in debates over implications arising from the increasing reliance on data at scale to automated decision-making across a range of sectors.

The work and well-being of Data & Society are strengthened by the diversity of our network and our differences in background, culture, experience, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and much more. We welcome applications from people of color, women, the LGBTQIA community, and persons with disabilities.


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