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newspaper article | 09.28.15

Google Virtual-Reality System Aims to Enliven Education

Natasha Singer

D&S fellow Natasha Singer on the use of virtual-reality in education, and Google’s virtual field trip system for schools, Expeditions.

The idea of virtual field trips is not new. Some teachers have for years used Microsoft’s Skype videoconferencing service to take students on tours of important places or to invite outside experts to virtually visit their classrooms.

Google’s virtual field trip system, though, is more immersive. And it adds to the array of Google tools that make far-flung places more discoverable — albeit filtered through Google’s lens.

Expeditions uses 360-degree views that stitch together photographs from Google Street View, a product that displays images of roads. The company is also using a 16-camera system, built by GoPro, to create three-dimensional images for the virtual excursions.

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