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MIT Technology Review | 11.18.14

Smart Cities Will Take Many Forms

Anthony Townsend

“What does a city taken over by computers—or perhaps smartphones—look like?
“[D&S fellow Anthony Townsend:] ‘A city that’s taken over by computers designed by a big technology company is going to look like a machine. It’s going to be highly automated, highly centralized, and very efficient. It may not be a lot of fun, it may not be terribly respectful of our desire for privacy, it may not be very resilient. On the other hand, we could design cities that have a very decentralized, very redundant kind of infrastructure where the services that we create using sensors and displays and all these digital technologies are trying to achieve objectives that are more in line with increasing social interaction, increasing sustainable behaviors, reinforcing the development of culture, creativity, and wellness. So there are very different possible outcomes. It’s really up to the choices we make.'”

Nate Berg, Smart Cities Will Take Many Forms, MIT Technology Review, November 18, 2014

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