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The State Education Standard | 05.09.16

Student Data Privacy: Going Beyond Compliance

Elana Zeide

In a piece written for the National Association of State Boards of Education journal, The State Education Standard, D&S affiliate Elana Zeide writes about student data privacy and the need for states to shift towards proactive management of education records in order to address parents’ fears that student data will be abused.

FERPA governs education agencies’ disclosures to outsiders but does not restrict their own practices regarding data collection, use, protection, and retention. This fact, coupled with its limited minimal transparency obligations and reticence about enforcement contribute to stakeholder resistance. It is only natural to fear that which is unknown and over which one has no control. Accordingly, I advise individuals and entities with access to personal student information to go beyond mere compliance toward proactive management of information and privacy. Adopting and articulating public policies can go a long away in reassuring parents that education agencies are thoughtful stewards of student information.

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