Victims Are Not Virtual: Situation assessment of online child sexual exploitation in South Asia

D&S researchers Mark Latonero and Monica Bulger, with Bronwyn Wex, Emma Day, Kapil Aryal, Mariya Ali, and Keith Hiatt, completed a thorough study on online child sexual exploitation in South aSIA.

This study identified an assumption that a technical fix must exist for problems identified as ‘online’. In the case of online child sexual exploitation, these assumptions are true, but limited. INTERPOL and the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) lead efforts to identify and take down CSAM images globally, a technological fix. Yet it is a finding of this study that combined with international response there is also a need for a local response to attend to the victims and perpetrators. Local response to online child sexual exploitation relies on the strength of the existing child protection system, locating treatment of abuse incidents regardless of where they occur, within an existing framework. It additionally addresses that a single child may be victim of multiple forms of abuse and seeking treatment from the same facilities.

Mark Latonero
Monica Bulger
Bronwyn Wex
Emma Day
Kapil Aryal
Mariya Ali
Keith Hiatt

Nov 30, 2016

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