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Backchannel | 10.26.16

What Last Week’s Internet Shut Down Really Means

Susan Crawford

D&S advisor Susan Crawford discusses the internet shutdown of October 21.

Without the directional signs in place, suddenly huge numbers of sites couldn’t be found. Who knew the Internet of Things could have such a big effect on our daily lives?

Actually, a lot of people knew. IoT is very big business these days.

While we’re patching those insecure home DVRs, routers, and webcams, let’s back up and talk about the implications of IoT for public values generally. Because it’s not just websites that could be affected by unrestrained Internet of Things deployments. We’re not just using IoT in our homes. We’re also going to be using it, in a big way, in the places where 80 percent of Americans live, work, and play: in cities.

Susan Crawford


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