“But the devices are no panacea, as research institute Data & Society reminds us in a report published today. Authors Alexandra Mateescu, Alex Rosenblat and danah boyd suggest that body cameras’ aura of accountability is inflated, to say the least.
“‘There has been no large-scale, systematic empirical research on their usage or implementation,’ they write. ‘Many uncertainties about best practices remain, including when the cameras should record, what should be stored and retained, and what policies should determine the release of footage to the public.’ Among the more troubling implications the report raises is the idea that body cameras ‘could potentially exacerbate’ the ‘hyper-surveillance policing of black communities,’ effectively turning those communities into police states.”

Ainsley O’Connell, Will Body Cameras Further Erode Freedoms In Heavily Policed Neighborhoods? Fast Company, February 24, 2015