Director of Human Resources and Administration

Toyia Phillips

Toyia Phillips aligns strategy with people and culture, and is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Toyia Phillips serves as the Human Resources Manager for Data & Society and currently leads the Operations Team. In addition to carrying out the general functions of HR, Toyia is responsible for the strategic oversight and execution of recruitment and talent management, implementing appropriate policies and procedures, and supporting leadership in human capital strategic planning and in building and maintaining the organizational culture. Most recently, Toyia served as the Senior Director of HR and Administration for the Joan Mitchell Foundation. She holds a BA in Sociology and an MA in Public Administration, and is a certified Professional of Human Resources (PHR). Prior to focusing her career on human resources, she held various administrative and operations positions at the Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation, Columbia University, NYU School of Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Cornell Medical College.