Data & Society studies the social implications of data-centric technologies & automation.

Our Research

We produce original research on topics including AI and automation, the impact of technology on labor and health, and online disinformation.

About Us

Data & Society is an independent nonprofit research organization. We believe that empirical evidence should directly inform the development and governance of new technology. We study the social implications of data-centric technologies and automation, producing original research that can ground informed, evidence-based public debate.

We combine academic rigor with creative outreach to connect, convene, and sustain expert and practitioner networks. Since 2014, Data & Society has defined the field with original research and programming to break down disciplinary silos and connect provocative thinkers across sectors. Read more

Research Spotlight

Media Manipulation and Amplification

From altered audiovisual media to gaming search engine results, online manipulators are shaping information flows. How can journalists practice strategic amplification to identify and thoughtfully report on these issues?