We use sociotechnical research to advance equity and justice in technology policy and governance.


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About the Policy Team

Building on Data & Society’s efforts to explore how data-centric technologies and automation affect the world around us, we created a Policy Engagement Team to increase the reach and visibility of Data & Society’s research. This includes engaging government institutions (including non-US governments and international intergovernmental organizations), civil and human rights advocacy organizations, and policy-focused research institutions. We are organizing this work and setting priorities based on the strength of our empirical research, the depth of expertise in our network, and the substance of feedback we have from communities and coalitions in which we participate. 

We actively participate in US and EU civil society coalitions in an effort to learn from and support interdisciplinary, cross-sector policy work. We also work alongside Data & Society’s Research, Network Engagement and Strategy teams at Data & Society to help build and maintain new, internal policy processes and infrastructure. 

By contributing sociotechnical research to policy processes, we hope to see more justice-oriented policy instruments and the prevention of further tech-driven harms. In addition to establishing D&S as a source of expertise for policymakers seeking to better understand data-centric technology, we are working to incorporate mechanisms for community and civil rights input and consultation into AI governance policy instruments and processes, and we are working to strengthen and expand the coalition of interdisciplinary experts contributing to tech policy processes by bridging and translating between academic, policy & advocacy communities.