How can we shape technology for a just future?

Data & Society’s research transforms people’s understanding of how technology shapes society, and is shaped by it in turn. We study the societal implications of data-centric technologies and automation, and translate that research into actionable, just policy recommendations.

Your support ensures our integrity and independence, allowing us to develop an evidence base about the intersection of technology and society that challenges assumptions, elevates community expertise, and drives informed decision-making. With your gift, we can continue to center our values of independence and creativity as we work to shift power and advance new frames for governing data-centric technologies and automation.

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Data & Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that ethically sources and accepts grants from a diverse range of funders. Adhering to our values of integrity and independence we publish our 990s and audited financial statements annually on our website. View a list of our funders here, and learn more about individual states’ disclosures for soliciting contributions right here.

We respect the privacy of our donors. Please see our Privacy Policy to learn more about how your data is stored and used.

Annual Reports

Data & Society 2023 Annual Report (Download)
Data & Society 2022–2023 Financial Statement (Download)
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Data & Society 2022 Annual Report (Download)
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Data & Society 2020 Annual Report (Download)
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Data & Society 2018–2019 Annual Report (Visit Site, Download)
Data & Society 2018–2019 Financial Statement (Download)
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Data & Society 2017–2018 Annual Report (Visit Site, Download)
Data & Society 2017–2018 Financial Statement (Download)
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Data & Society 2016–2017 Annual Report (Download)
Data & Society 2016–2017 Financial Statement (Download)
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Data & Society 2015–2016 Annual Report (Download)
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