Our work connects rigorous research with creative engagement.

Data & Society is an independent nonprofit research organization. We believe that empirical evidence should directly inform the development and governance of new technologies — and that these technologies can and must be grounded in equity and human dignity. Recognizing that the concentrated, profit-driven power of corporations and tech platforms will not steer us toward a just future, our work foregrounds the power of the people and communities most impacted by technological change.

We study the social implications of data, automation, and AI, producing original research to ground informed public debate about emerging technology. This includes research on machine learning, AI systems, algorithmic impact, the future of work, and building trustworthy online infrastructures. Our research offers evidence to counter the notion that technology is the best or only solution to the host of societal challenges we face, and our communications, policy, and engagement work applies and amplifies those findings.

In all our work, we collaborate with a growing, international network to explore the far-reaching ways that data-centric and automated technologies are shaping lives and opportunities. Together, we are demonstrating not only why our societies must prioritize more equitable and just systems, but how it can be done.

Statement of Independence

Data & Society is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) research institute. We are committed to the independence and autonomy of Data & Society’s initiatives and convenings. We do not accept funding that would affect our ability to pursue work free of external interference, and we fiercely protect the independence of our researchers and fellows in their intellectual activities and individual funding relationships.

Read more in our statement on organizational independence and gift acceptance. 

Our Values

Our research and engagement hews to the following values:


Intellectual independence enables us to select our projects, choose methodologies, and make publishing decisions based solely on our analysis of the issues at hand, without political or financial influence. We never accept funding that would compromise the independence or rigor of our work.


We build trust and accountability through our commitment to the independence and autonomy of our research, our transparent funding relationships and mutually shared organizational practices, and our inclusive outreach to a wide range of communities and individuals.


Out of a fundamental respect for diversity and a desire to challenge power relations in data-centric fields, we recognize and embrace differences among us. This requires equitable hiring and retention, centering community experiences in our research, and adhering to the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in everything we do.


We value reciprocal relationships — not only with other institutions but with the people and communities affected by data-centric technologies. We cultivate respect and mutual responsibility by appreciating our distinct and complementary strengths, actively listening to each other, and striving to understand our shared goals and differences, while being mindful of unequal power dynamics.


We support interdisciplinary work and deeply value creative expression. Externally, this means supporting original thinking that challenges dominant narratives and engages multiple audiences. Internally, we enable risk-taking research and explore thoughtful engagements.