New project on online abuse and privacy

(CC BY-SA 2.0-licensed photo by Toshiyuki IMAI.)

Data & Society is pleased to announce a new research project: Measuring Cyberstalking and Digital Domestic Abuse across the Lifespan.

The project is supported by a grant form the Digital Trust Foundation, which funds projects that promote online privacy, safety, and security.

We’re delighted that Amanda Lenhart will join Data & Society this fall in order to lead the project, with the help of Dr. Michele Ybarra (Center for Innovative Public Health Research). Amanda and Michele will conduct a national survey to quantify the prevalence of cyberstalking and digital domestic violence. They will document victimization rates among youth and adults 15+, as well as investigate the extent to which people witness others’ abusive behavior online and the effects of that witnessing. They will also study how online privacy behavior may relate to and protect against online abuse.

Measuring Cyberstalking and Digital Domestic Abuse across the Lifespan will produce information useful to advocates, policymakers, and practitioners working to combat abuse, as well as contribute empirical grounding for Data & Society’s ongoing explorations of privacy and harm in a networked society.

Please stay tuned as this and our other new projects develop. As always, we welcome your feedback: feedback at datasociety dot net.