Knight Prototype Fund winners

(CC BY-SA 2.0-licensed photo by Bruno Girin.)

Data & Society is happy to share that two projects are Knight Prototype Fund winners:

D&S researcher Bonnie Tijerina and crew at the Data Privacy Project are advancing the Network Building & Tools component of their work by prototyping an online technical support network that will make it easy for libraries to set up secure digital services and better educate individuals and communities about the challenges of always-on, networked, and easily surveilled lifestyles.

And Ingrid Burrington, our artist in residence, is teaming up with new D&S fellow Surya Mattu on Network Geography 101: Teaching people what the Internet is actually made of by creating educational tools that will help users connect what they see on screens to the systems and infrastructure that makes the Internet possible.

We’re excited to see these ideas come to life! *applause*

You can read about all of the latest Knight Prototype Fund winners here. Inspired? Knight’s current call for proposals closes August 17.