Welcoming Janet Haven

Please join us in welcoming…

We are tremendously excited that Janet Haven is joining Data & Society in February as our first director of programs!

For more than a decade, Janet has been doing amazing work at the Open Society Foundations (OSF) Information Program on themes that both resonate with and stretch Data & Society’s areas of research. Key debates and questions around networked technologies – traversing privacy and surveillance, liberty and security, free expression, democracy and digital media, access to infrastructure and knowledge, governance, etc. – are increasingly inflected by data-centric technological development and automation (take, for example, OSF’s grappling with the Quantified Society). Janet’s international experience and outlook will compliment and challenge the work of the Data & Society community.

We share Janet’s commitment to untangling the harms and benefits of emerging data/technology in the interests of public understanding of the issues and tradeoffs. She will play a key role in developing and refining Data & Society’s strategic programs and strategy overall.

In short, we cannot wait for Janet to get started!