Craig Newmark Philanthropies Announces Support for Data & Society

Data & Society is pleased to announce generous new support from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, which will enable us to deepen our research and engagement in the field of technology and data with the goal of building towards more resilient, less vulnerable information ecosystems.

With this crucial support, we will strengthen the field’s responses to adversarial attacks, develop structural policy responses that safeguard contested information environments, document and share models for networked approaches to limiting/mitigating disinformation, and conduct new research on information warfare aimed at vulnerable populations, particularly communities of color.

“Data & Society plays an integral role in informing and protecting our key democratic institutions. They are working to unite and strengthen media and journalist networks to be more prepared for the threats to come,” said Craig Newmark, the founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

“Distrust in media and journalism undermines our ability to self-govern in a democratic society,” said danah boyd, founder and president of Data & Society. “We are bringing an evidence-based, network approach to this problem with the intention of supporting robust civic information. Repairing our information ecology is crucial to coming together to combat our societal ills.”

“This support is vital for us to expand our slate of research on race and disinformation,” said Sareeta Amrute, Data & Society’s director of research. “This will include working with field experts, expanding our race and technology fellowships, and continuing to research unexplored issues of race, digital justice, and information warfare.”

“We are extremely grateful to Craig Newmark Philanthropies for their ongoing support,” said Janet Haven, executive director of Data & Society. “This funding will allow us to build on our ongoing work on media manipulation and disinformation to develop a robust agenda focused on creating safe, resilient information environments.”

For press inquiries, contact [email protected].