video, podcastJune 19 2019

Cryptoparty as Rent Party

Jasmine McNealy

Databite No. 123

Data & Society Fellow Jasmine McNealy discusses “community as technology” and how social infrastructure steps in where government and civil society fail. Specifically, her research explores how failures of technology promote surveillance – particularly of minority communities – in North America today.



In her talk, McNealy connects historic Harlem rent parties to contemporary cryptoparties and skill-shares in minority communities.

Data & Society 2016-2017 Fellow Rebecca Wexler moderates the post-talk discussion.

Data & Society’s Fellows Talks is a three-part Databite series showcasing our 2018-2019 fellows cohort. Each talk features 2-3 fellows speaking about their work, wide-ranging interdisciplinary connections, and a few of the provocative questions that have emerged this year.

Jasmine E. McNealy is an assistant professor of telecommunication at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. She studies information, communication, and technology with a view toward influencing law and policy. Her research focuses on privacy, online media, communities, and culture.

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