video, podcastJune 13 2018

Data Science Ethics

Matthew L. Jones

Databite No. 110

Matthew Jones speaks about key illiteracies surrounding metadata, the hacking of our court system, and the possibility of ethics at scale.



He touches upon the variations in definitions of key terminologies; data and surveillance; the relationship between fourth amendment rights and metadata; and the historical failures of research ethics.

Data & Society’s Fellows Talks is a three-part Databite series showcasing our 2017-2018 fellows cohort. Each talk features 2-3 fellows speaking about their work, wide-ranging interdisciplinary connections, and a few of the provocative questions that have emerged this year. See the talks by Claudia Haupt and Rishab Nithyanand.

Matthew L. Jones is a 2017-18 Data & Society Fellow who studies the history of science and technology, focused on early modern Europe and on recent information technologies. He is completing a book on computing and state surveillance of communications, and is working on a historical and ethnographic account of big data, its relation to statistics and machine learning, and its growth as a fundamental new form of technical expertise in commercial, intelligence, and scientific research.

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