LibrarySeptember 1 2016

Data & Society Report on Activities, 2015-2016

Data & Society

Data & Society’s second year, 2015–16, has been one of steady growth. We welcomed a fabulous new class of fellows, further developed our in-house research team, expanded our groups of advisors and affiliates, and brought on staff to help realize our transition from a startup-like outfit to a sustainable organization.

Through all of our work, we seek to inform and develop frames for discussion of the complex issues arising from deployment and, increasingly, reliance on data-intensive technologies across a range of sectors. What are the tensions and tradeoffs? What evidence do we need to ground broader conversations about the way emerging technologies and practices are reconfiguring society?

By design, our activities draw from different parts of our network, push and pull, complicate and inspire one another. As in our first year, the dynamic interconnections between our research, programs, and community are the point. We remain committed to creating cross-disciplinary insights and provocations along the “&” in Data & Society.

This is our second annual report.