videoFebruary 4 2016

Designing at the fusion of biology and data science

Daniel Grushkin

Databite No. 69

Part talk, part science experiment, and part conversation, in this Databite, Daniel Grushkin explores how contemporary biotechnology melds data and biology, and creates a living medium, whose function in our society is only now emerging.

Daniel’s talk is divided into three parts. He speaks about the contemporary biotech field’s relationship with DNA as a form of data, then invites the audience to participate in a hands-on DNA workshop and finishes with a discussion on new ethics for this nascent field.

Daniel Grushkin is a journalist and cofounder of Genspace, a community biology lab in New York City focused on biotech education and innovation. In 2014, Fast Company ranked Genspace among the top 10 most innovative education companies in the world. Grushkin is also the founder of the Biodesign Challenge, a multi-university biotech education program for art and design students.

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