podcastJune 14 2021

Episode 5: Data & Racial Capitalism

Sareeta Amrute & Emiliano Treré

Becoming Data
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Public Books

In the final episode of our season, “Becoming Data,” scholars Sareeta Amrute and Emiliano Treré join our host, Natalie Kerby, to discuss the concept and lived reality of racial capitalism. The episode explores how data-centric systems perpetuate racial capitalism, and how different communities, particularly in the Global South, have resisted this datafication.

About the Guests

Sareeta Amrute (@SareetaAmrute of @datasociety) is an anthropologist, associate professor at the University of Washington, and Director of Research at Data & Society.

Emiliano Treré (@EmilianoTrere of @cardiffJomec, @DataJusticeLab) is a senior lecturer in Media Ecologies and Social Transformation and co-director of the Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University.