EventMarch 3 2022

Network Book Forum: Patching Development

Information Politics and Social Change in India

Rajesh Veeraraghavan
Rajendran Narayanan
Silvia Masiero

Hosted by Ranjit Singh

How can development programs deliver benefits to marginalized citizens in ways that expand their rights and freedoms?

On Thursday, March 3rd, 2022, Dr. Rajesh Veeraraghavan discussed his new book “Patching Development: Information Politics and Social Change in India” (Oxford University Press) hosted by AIGI Researcher, Ranjit Singh. Panelists for this talk included Silvia Masiero, Associate Professor in the Department of Informatics at Oslo University, and Rajendran Narayanan, Professor at Azim Premji Foundation.

Diving into an original and unusually positive case study from India, Patching Development shows how development programs can be designed to work. Political will and good policy design are critical but often insufficient due to resistance from entrenched local power systems.



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Rajesh Veeraraghavan

Rajendran Narayanan

Silvia Masiero 

Ranjit Singh