reportDecember 13 2016

Nonconsensual Image Sharing

One in 25 Americans has been a victim of "revenge porn"

Amanda Lenhart,
Michele Ybarra,
Myeshia Price-Feeney

Media coverage of revenge porn largely focuses on instances when celebrities have had private nude or explicit photos or videos made public without their consent, but this experience is not limited to the famous and newsworthy. Roughly 3% of all online Americans have had someone threaten to post nude or nearly nude photos or videos of them online to hurt or embarrass them, and 2% of online Americans have had someone actually post a photo of them online without their permission. Taken together, 4% of internet users—one in 25 online Americans—have either had sensitive images posted without their permission or had someone threaten to post photos of them.

This report, “Nonconsensual Image Sharing,” complements an earlier report covering the prevalence of online harassment and abuse more broadly, as well as a subsequent report on intimate partner digital abuse.

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