eventFebruary 1 2017

Regulating Security and Privacy

Regulating Security and Privacy

Jonathan Mayer

Jonathan Mayer presents: Regulating Security and Privacy.

Regulatory agencies—especially the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission—have risen to prominence on technology security and privacy issues. Drawing on recent federal experience, this talk explains why FTC, FCC, and similar agencies have assumed policy leadership roles, what legal authorities are at their disposal, and how agencies have exercised their authorities. The presentation includes case studies of both successes and failures, and it offers suggestions on best practices and recurring challenges. The talk also addresses how researchers and civil society groups can effectively engage with regulatory agencies.

Jonathan Mayer is a Fellow at the Stanford University Cyber Initiative, currently detailed to the federal government. From 2015 to 2017, he served as Chief Technologist of the Federal Communications Commission Enforcement Bureau. Jonathan is a PhD candidate at the Stanford University Department of Computer Science, and he holds a JD from Stanford Law School. He was selected in 2014 for the Forbes “30 Under 30” for his contributions to technology security and privacy.

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