eventJanuary 8 2015

The Digital Hood: Social Media, Geography, and Risk Behavior Among Minority Youth

Robin Stevens

Databite No. 20

Robin Stevens on The Digital Hood: social media, geography, and risk behavior among minority youth:

“Dr. Stevens briefly shares the findings from her recent study examining social media use among African American and Latino youth living in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods. Specifically, she focuses on the interplay between the geographic neighborhood and the digital neighborhood in relation to sex and violence, whereby negative social interactions in the geographic neighborhood are reproduced and amplified on social media (and vice versa). Dr. Stevens invites attendees to consider 1) the ways we can use analytic tools to measure the effects of social media in populations of youth at the margins and 2) strategies to intervene to ensure that the digital revolution does not exacerbate, but closes the gap between safe and unsafe communities.”

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