podcastMay 10 2021

Trailer: Becoming Data

Co-produced with
Public Books

Co-produced by Data & Society and Public Books, “Becoming Data” is the third season of of Public Books 101, a podcast that turns a scholarly eye towards a world worth studying.

The first episode premieres Monday, May 17, 2021.

In the podcast series, Natalie Kerby of Data & Society asks her guests: How long has human life been quantified as data, and in what contexts? What are some major implications of humanity being measured as data? How are people pushing back against the datafication of human life, work, health, and citizenship?

She speaks with academics, artists, activists, and journalists to explore these questions and more.

Public Books is a magazine of ideas, arts, and scholarship.


Sareeta Amrute
Laura Forlano
Arthur Gwagwa
Shaka McGlotten
Mimi Onuoha
Deb Raji
Chris Ramsaroop
Ranjit Singh
Emiliano Treré
Lam Thuy Vo