Office and Facilities Manager

Ronteau Coppin

Ronteau Coppin is all about improving office culture and fostering community so people love coming to work with each other.

Ronteau Coppin is a Brooklyn native and the office and facilities manager at Data & Society. She is a people person who hopes to streamline information and innovative thinking across the organization as a means to strengthen our community. Previously, Ronteau worked in project management at the NYCDOE Central Headquarters in the Social Studies Department, where she was responsible for organizing the logistics of hundreds of professional development events for Social Studies educators throughout the city. Additionally, she has experience in charter school operations, in which she helped to develop systems and procedures across student data management, procurement, office management, and assets tracking.

Ronteau graduated Cum Laude from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor’s in Africana Studies and a minor in Philosophy. She also received her MBA in General Business Management with a focus on knowledge management from the Metropolitan College of New York.

Outside of her work at Data & Society, Ronteau dedicates time to teaching adults computer skills at SUNY’s Fashion Institute of Technology. In her free time, Ronteau loves to travel far and wide to discover more about the world around her in the hopes of learning how to best impact her immediate surroundings.