Dibyadyuti Roy

Dibyadyuti Roy is a Data & Society affiliate, and an assistant professor in cultural studies, media studies, and digital humanities, as well as the programme director of the BA in cultural and media studies at the University of Leeds. With experience as an educator in multidisciplinary academic environments across three different continents, Dibya’s research and teaching examines cultural narratives of/about dominant technologies, ranging from nuclear weapons to artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on algorithmically driven platforms. His current and forthcoming work has focused on how technological affordances can simultaneously enhance and impede the interconnected structural inequities of race, caste, class, and gender, especially in Majority World/Global South contexts. A representative sample includes his engagement with the role of social media health promotion during the Covid-19 pandemic in India, the performances of anxious postcolonial masculinity in online spaces, and how postcolonial pregnant women are mediated by neoliberalism on new media platforms

Dibya is a founding member of India’s first digital humanities collective, the Digital Humanities Alliance for Research and Teaching Innovations (DHARTI), and a member of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations’ Intersectional Inclusion Task Force.