Associate Professor of Journalism, Concordia University, Montreal

Lisa Lynch

Lisa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism at Concordia University.  She also teaches at New York University and Drew University.

Her research is situated at the intersection between culture, technology, and political change, focusing on topics including new media, information access, global internet governance issues, and human rights. Her academic writing has appeared in journals including   American LiteratureRadical History Review, and Journalism Practice, and her research has been written about in publications ranging from Kill Screen to Al Jazeera.

Some of her more prominent research has focused on the growth of leaking platforms and their use by journalists. She has published several journal articles and book chapters on Wikileaks, including chapters in the volumes Beyond Wikileaks and Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives and articles in Digital Journalism,Radical History Review, Journalism Practice, the International Journal of Online Communication and other venues.