New collaborations

Data & Society is excited to be collaborating with two new initiatives aimed at building networks of experts and organizations, which focus on understanding the risks and benefits of data-centric approaches to a range of problems, in the US and internationally.

Big Data Innovation Hubs

As part of the Obama Administration’s National Big Data Research and Development Initiative, the National Science Foundation announced $5 million in awards today to fund a national network of Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs (BD Hubs). D&S fellows Mark Latonero and Karen Levy are participants in the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub, one of the four national geographic hubs.

The BD Hubs program is designed to bring together stakeholders across government, private, and public organizations to improve the impact of data science in addressing regional challenges across the United States and to educate and train the next generation of data science practitioners. The Northeast Big Data Hub is spearheaded by Columbia University and will bring together over 40 universities, industry partners, and experts from a variety of disciplines and perspectives to collaborate, brainstorm, raise concerns, and build data-driven solutions to problems around healthcare, privacy and security, energy, finance, urbanization, and education. Mark and Karen will highlight ethical and policy issues surrounding the collection and use of big data, including consumer and health information.

International Data Responsibility Group

D&S is also partnering with the International Data Responsibility Group (IDRG) to develop international guidelines for responsible use of data in international development and humanitarian responses. IRDG partners and affiliates will convene once a year to host the Annual International Data Responsibility Conference to raise awareness and facilitate discussions around data use for crisis-affected communities and the most at-risk populations. D&S fellow Mark Latonero is our main participant in the group, as part of his leadership of our Data, Human Rights & Human Security initiative.