Meet Our Advisors

February 14, 2024 – As we mark our tenth anniversary this year, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight and thank our advisors, who play a vital role in supporting Data & Society’s (D&S) work. Coming from a range of backgrounds including public policy and law, AI governance, communications, academia, and the arts, the breadth and depth of our advisors’ expertise mirrors D&S’s strategic priorities and ambitions. As of February 2024, our advisors are: 

Amanda Ballantyne Director of the AFL-CIO Technology Institute and director of the AFL-CIO Working for America Institute

danah boyd Founder of Data & Society, partner researcher at Microsoft Research, visiting distinguished professor at Georgetown University 

Anil Dash Head of Glitch, former advisor to the White House Office of Digital Strategy

Leslie Gross General counsel and managing director for Americas East, Forward Global

Alex MacGillivray Former principal deputy US chief technology officer, cofounder of the Trust & Safety Professional Association and Foundation

Vidushi Marda Lawyer, co-executive director of REAL ML  

Alice Marwick Associate professor of communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, cofounder of the Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life 

Gina Neff Executive director of the Minderoo Centre for Technology & Democracy at the University of Cambridge

Alondra Nelson Harold F. Linder Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, distinguished senior fellow at the Center for American Progress

Mimi Onuoha Artist, cofounder of A People’s Guide To Tech 

Desmond Patton Brian and Randi Schwartz University Professor, University of Pennsylvania; director of SAFElab 

Seeta Peña Gangadharan Associate professor in the Department of Media and Communications at London School of Economics and Political Science

Latoya Peterson Cofounder of CXO, director for the culture at Glow Up Games

Andrew Rasiej Founder of Civic Hall @ Union Square, chairperson of the NY Tech Alliance 

Micah Sifry Writer, editor, community organizer, cofounder of Civic Hall 

Thenmozhi Soundararajan Executive director of Equality Labs

Baratunde Thurston Author, podcaster, host of America Outdoors on PBS, founding partner of Puck 

Janet Vertesi Associate professor of science and technology at Princeton University

Felicia Wong President and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute 

Ethan Zuckerman Associate professor of public policy, information, and communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst; director of the Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure

“More than ever, we need input and insights from a wide range of people to steer our organizational ship. Our field grows increasingly complex, and as we move into our tenth year and think about the role that Data & Society needs to play over the next decade to push for just, equitable, and human-centered futures, having an incredible brain trust that is committed to our mission is critical to our success,” said Janet Haven, executive director of Data & Society. “As we look back on the organization’s first decade and strategize about what’s to come, we deeply appreciate our advisors’ insight, creativity, and counsel.”

Advisors inform and guide the executive director and D&S leadership team on issues including institutional development, donor relations, policy engagement, equity and inclusion, and strategic wayfinding. 

“Being a network organization heightens Data & Society’s impact in the ecosystem of sociotechnical research and engagement, and our advisors are an important part of that,” said Ania Calderon, managing director of strategy and engagement. “We have benefited greatly from the expertise of our network and advisors over the years, and look forward to building on that in the organization’s next decade and beyond.”

We are grateful to the experts who have previously served as advisors, including:

Cathy Davidson

Ed Felten

Nick Grossman

Hilary Mason

Andrew McLaughlin

Claudia Perlich

Clay Shirky

Christina Xu

Gabriella Coleman

Tarleton Gillespie

Shamina Singh

John Borthwick

Brad Burnham

Joel Reideinberg, in memoriam

Learn more about our advisors here.