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8.19: research assistant openings; big data profiling; due process

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The Data & Society Research Institute is looking for a few good Research Assistants! We are reviewing applications and will continue to do so until we find appropriate candidates.

Seeta Peña Gangadharan: The Dangers of High-Tech Profiling, Using Big Data: “Let’s respond to this digital discrimination by making civil rights a core driver of data-powered innovations and getting companies to share best practices in detecting and avoiding discriminatory outcomes.”

Ethan Zuckerman: The Internet’s Original Sin: “It’s unlikely that our willingness to accept online surveillance reflects our trust in the American government… More likely, we’ve been taught that this is simply how the Internet works…”

Around the Around

David Robinson: Big Data Sentences Could Undermine Fairness, Attorney General Argues: “But as Philadelphia’s own experience shows, many of Holder’s sentencing concerns apply with similar force to probation and parole decisions.”

Danielle Keats Citron: Big Data Should Be Regulated by ‘Technological Due Process’: “As the demand for big data grows, we need to pierce the secrecy behind the systems that determine how we fit into society.”

New York Times: Working Anything but 9 to 5: “Starbucks relies on software that choreographs workers in precise, intricate ballets, using sales patterns and other data to determine which of its 130,000 baristas are needed in its thousands of locations and exactly when.”

Upcoming Events

August 24
KDD at Bloomberg (KDD 2014)

August 29, paper deadline
Computation+Journalism Symposium (Brown Institute)

September 10
Data for Social Justice: The Impact of Data on Underserved Communities (Center for Data Innovation)

September 15
Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion? (FTC)

September 15-16
Ethics of Data in Civil Society (Stanford PACS)

September 19
Annual Summit (NYC Media Lab)

October 1, abstract deadline
Mini-Conference on Digital Sociology (Eastern Sociological Society)

October 10-11
The Conference on Digital Experimentation (MIT)

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