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9.30: launch celebration; science fiction; machine learning

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Around the Institute

Celebrate the launch of Data & Society: We’re inviting friends and supporters, collaborators and thinkers, scientists and artists, activists and fellow travelers of all stripes to celebrate on October 14. There’s room for a few more! Register here.

Gideon Lichfield: My plan to do journalism through science fiction: “When ‘entrepreneurs, activists, policy creators, journalists, geeks, and public intellectuals’ talk to each other, how does what they talk about get out into the public realm?”

Around the Around

Technology | Academic | Policy: danah boyd Discusses Big Data as a Tool for Inclusion and Exclusion at FTC Workshop: “‘How do you hold probabilistic systems accountable? How you think about their role in things like rule of law is going to be very, very messy.'”

Moritz Hardt: How big data is unfair: “I’d like to refute the claim that ‘machine learning is fair by default’. I don’t mean to suggest that machine learning is inevitably unfair, but rather that there are powerful forces that can render decision making that depends on learning algorithms unfair.”

Sara Watson: Stepping Down: Rethinking the Fitness Tracker: “But it’s not just technology that’s part of my body. It’s what writer and designer Craig Mod calls the ‘data mind’ and what philosopher Luciano Floridi means by updating cyborg with ‘inforg.’ Thinking about my body in terms of data has made me more kind to myself.”

New York Times: Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car: “But before they can drive off the lot, many subprime borrowers…must have their car outfitted with a so-called starter interrupt device, which allows lenders to remotely disable the ignition.”

Upcoming Events

October 1, abstract deadline
Mini-Conference on Digital Sociology (Eastern Sociological Society)

October 10-11
The Conference on Digital Experimentation (MIT)

October 11
City by Numbers: Big Data and the Urban Future (Pratt Institute)

October 24
Web Privacy and Transparency Conference (Princeton CITP)

October 24-25
Computation+Journalism Symposium (Brown Institute)

November 14-16
Digital Labor (New School)

November 17-18
Global Institutions and Technologies in the Governance of Illicit Activity: Measurement, Data, Indicators and Quantification (NYU School of Law)

December 3
Colloquium Series Event – Dr. Matthew Jones (Columbia IDSE)

December 4
When Companies Study Their Customers: The Changing Face of Science, Research, and Ethics (Silicon Flatirons)

December 12
Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning (NIPS 2014 workshop)

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