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D&S year 3 is underway, and we’re seeking a Research Analyst for our “Reimagining Accountability” project (9/22 deadline), plus a Program Administrator (9/27 deadline).

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Data, Tech, Learning
The Enabling Connected Learning initiative has been exploring student data collection/analysis and technological development, digging into the hype and fear around tech in education, the tangled issues of privacy, equity, and efficacy. Today we’re sharing some of what we’ve learned so far, a bundle of primers —

Personalized Learning

— and essays, which attempt to get a grip on the realities of education technology and the prospects for student empowerment and learning. The conversation around student data and “EdTech” can be contentious and complicated. We hope that the materials we’re sharing can help the work of other researchers and educators tackling these issues. We welcome your feedback.

Why women are asking a major art and technology festival to #KissMyArs
“Institutions like Ars Electronica have a tremendous opportunity to set a global example by highlighting diverse voices which run counter to the mainstream, and to open public dialogue around the problems, benefits, and tradeoffs new technology is bringing.” —Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Addie Wagenknecht, Camilla Mørk Røstvik, Kathy High

Around the Around

Artificial intelligence is hard to see
“The key concern is that AI systems are being integrated into key social institutions, even though their accuracy, and their social and economic effects, have not been rigorously studied or validated.” —Kate Crawford, Meredith Whittaker

Is Artificial Intelligence Permanently Inscrutable?
“…modern machine learning offers a choice among oracles: Would we like to know what will happen with high accuracy, or why something will happen, at the expense of accuracy? The ‘why’ helps us strategize, adapt, and know when our model is about to break. The ‘what’ helps us act appropriately in the immediate future.” —Aaron M. Bornstein

Meet the artists who have embraced artificial intelligence
“[Sam Kronick and Tara Shi are] among a host of artists who are incorporating neural networks into their work, and in the course of doing so, helping the public better understand a technology that will increasingly be a part of their lives, used to make decisions about them and the world around them.” —Ethan Chiel

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