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9.27: supporting data research; the “buy box”; jobs

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NEW: D&S is seeking a MEDIA RELATIONS LEAD. Please share widely!
We are also seeking a Research Analyst for “Reimagining Accountability” (9/30 deadline).

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Supporting Ethics in Data Research
New and complex data sets raise challenging ethical questions about risk to individuals that are not sufficiently covered by computer science training, ethics codes, or Institutional Review Boards.

Data & Society’s Supporting Ethics in Data Research project addressed emerging support systems (including assistance from the research library) for computer science researchers wrestling with the issues. As part of the project, we held workshops with researchers, professors, information technology leaders, repository managers, and librarians.

We’re sharing our workshop materials, as well as a working paper, An Exploratory Study of Emerging Issues in Big Data and Technical Research. We welcome your feedback.

New on Enabling Connected Learning
Our Enabling Connected Learning initiative (ECL) has published two new guest posts: Audrey Watters explores Accountability: Calling Education to A Count; and Jade E. Davis argues Education Equality Needs More Than Bootstraps. For more from ECL, check out our recent bundle of primers and posts: Data, tech, learning.

Amazon Says It Puts Customers First. But Its Pricing Algorithm Doesn’t.
“Just as the company’s cheap prices and fast shipping caused a seismic shift in retailing that shuttered stores selling books, electronics and music, now Amazon’s pay-to-play culture is forcing online sellers to choose between paying hefty fees or leaving the platform altogether.” —Julia Angwin, Surya Mattu

Responsible Data in Agriculture
“Practising responsible data approaches should be a key concern and policy of the larger actors, from Ministries of Agriculture to companies gathering and dealing with large amounts of data on the sector.” —Lindsay Ferris, Zara Rahman

Reminder: IJoC Call for Papers: Special Section on “Privacy at the Margins”
We are especially interested in empirical research addressing the privacy experiences of those whose struggles are not typically made visible. (12/6/16 short description deadline, 1/30/17 full paper deadline.)

Around the Around

In Effort To Curb Violence In Chicago, A Professor Mines Social Media
“So we take a really in-depth, kind of anthropological, approach to understanding what’s happening. Once we were able to get that deep understanding, then I pass that information on to our data scientists, and they are able to then develop tools that can detect instances of aggression and grief.” —Desmond Patton

A.I. Doesn’t Get Black Twitter
“It’s that very hallmark of dialects, divergent from standard English, that cause natural language processors to fumble. Fed only articles from the Wall Street Journal, language from societal groups like Black Twitter isn’t seen by the machine as English at all.” —Tonya Riley

Self-Driving Cars Gain Powerful Ally: The Government
“Yet having officially endorsed the fast-evolving technology, regulators must now balance the commercial interests of companies including Tesla, Google and Uber with concerns over public safety, especially in light of recent crashes involving semiautonomous cars.” —Cecilia Kang

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