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11.21: new report on online harassment; calls; gig work

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Online Harassment, Digital Abuse, and Cyberstalking in America
A new report from Data & Society and the Center for Innovative Public Health Research (CiPHR) offers the most comprehensive picture to date of Americans’ experiences with online harassment and abuse, finding that most U.S. internet users have witnessed online harassment and almost half have personally experienced it—and that young people, women, and lesbian, gay, and bisexual Americans are more likely to experience online harassment and more likely to self-censor online postings over concerns about attracting harassment.

In addition to an announcement with key findings and the full report, Online Harassment, Digital Abuse, and Cyberstalking in America, and methods, we’re also releasing a supporting memo on Social Media Use by Americans, 2016. As always, we welcome your feedback.

D&S Jobs & Calls!
Director of Communications [applications due TODAY]; Human Resources Manager; “Privacy at the Margins” CFP [abstracts due Dec 6]; 2017-18 postdoctoral scholars [applications due Dec 6]
and fellows [applications due Dec 19].

Surveying the “Gig Economy”
Last week the Pew Research Center released “Gig Work, Online Selling and Home Sharing,” and members of the D&S community and broader network responded on Points:

Bonus: In HBR, Alex Rosenblat discusses What Motivates Gig Economy Workers.

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Public In/Formation
“Local data, little data, analog data: these too are building blocks of urban intelligences. Working alongside allied research institutes and advocacy groups, local libraries and archives can create critical links between communities and the various forms of intelligence that reflect and shape who they are and the places they live.” —Shannon Mattern


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