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6.7: tune in; digital bystanders; stolen ideas

Tune in today at 4:00pm EST for a livestream of our Databites 100 Series. Today, three graduating fellows present on biohackingtrade secrets, and disinformation.

There’s still time to RSVP for June 14 and June 21!

Around the Institute

The Silicon Valley Billionaires Remaking America’s Schools

“In the space of just a few years, technology giants have begun remaking the very nature of schooling on a vast scale, using some of the same techniques that have made their companies linchpins of the American economy.” —Natasha Singer

Retro Report: The Digital Bystander (Content notice: Violent video)

“We now have a window into what’s happening in communities where trauma and stress and violence are everyday occurrences. Facebook Live captures those moments, inadvertently or advertently.” —Desmond Patton

Taeyoon Choi on drawing, teaching, disability, and the difference between work and project

“I think I’m most creative when looking at electronic signals and seeing what’s happening inside a computer. I’m sculpting with signals.” —Taeyoon Choi

My Manchester

“What I see on social media isn’t a true picture of what the city of Manchester is experiencing right now; it reflects just the subsection of society who have access to phones and Internet and who choose to engage on the same platforms as I do.” —Zara Rahman

Around the Around

Education Unbundled: What knowledge will we lose if we automate the professions?

“I argue that [the Susskinds’] approach will lead to the consolidation of the monopoly power of Big Data, mass standardization in the delivery of professional services, and the erosion of skills and knowledge that are needed to deal with a changing world.” —Benjamin Doxtdator

The Internet Is Where We Share — and Steal — the Best Ideas

“The internet has become the go-to place to toss out ideas, in the hope that they could lead to a job, but it has also become the place where people go to find the best ideas, creating a lopsided dynamic that tends to benefit people in power.” —Jenna Wortham

op-Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election

“The NSA conclusion ‘demonstrates that countries are looking at specific tactics for election manipulation, and we need to be vigilant in defense,’ said Schneier.” —Matthew Cole, Richard Esposito, Sam Biddle, Ryan Grim

BONUS: Intelligence Contractor Is Charged in First Leak Case Under Trump by Charlie Savage


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