EventMay 19 2016

Ethics in Designing the Data Interventions

10:00 am

D&S fellow Wilneida Negrón organized a webinar on Ethics in Designing Data Interventions. D&S affiliate Solon Barocas also participated in the discussion.

A recording of webinar is available here.

They consider what risks and benefits frameworks should legal aid groups and decision makers when designing data-driven interventions? How can data regulation, policy, and standards effectively govern and provide accountability? Where should legal aid programs turn to seek guidance on emerging data ethics, laws, and policies?

Confirmed Speakers included:

  • Solon Barocas, Associate at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University.
  • Alethea Lange, Policy Analyst at Center for Democracy and Technology’s Consumer Privacy Project.
  • Joseph Melo and Mike Hernandez, Just-Tech.org
  • Wilneida Negron, Florida Justice Tech Center/Data & Society Research Institute (moderator)

Wilneida put together an infographic for the training which can be downloaded in full here.