Human Rights, Data, and Migration

As data-driven technologies and digital ecosystems increasingly intersect with migrants, refugees, and the displaced, what are the social impacts, consequences, and tradeoffs? This project bridges the knowledge gap surrounding technological interventions, and addresses a diverse set of themes–movement, economic inclusion, integration, asylum, identification, information seeking, rights, health, and social support.

report | 04.03.18

Refugee Connectivity

Mark Latonero, Danielle Poole, and Jos Berens

Data & Society and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s “Refugee Connectivity: A Survey of Mobile Phones, Mental Health, and Privacy at a Syrian Refugee Camp in Greece” provides new evidence of the critical role internet connectivity and mobile devices play in the lives and wellbeing of this population. Findings are based on a survey of 135 Continue...

Journal Articles

Social Media + Society | 03.20.18

On Digital Passages and Borders: Refugees and the New Infrastructure for Movement and Control

Mark Latonero, Paula Kift

Data & Human Rights Research Lead Mark Latonero investigates the impact of digitally networked technologies on the safe passage of refugees and migrants. “…in making their way to safe...
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Periodicals and Posts

Harvard Business Review | 05.16.17

Tech Companies Should Speak Up for Refugees, Not Only High-Skilled Immigrants

Mark Latonero

D&S researcher Mark Latonero provides an overview of the role of large tech companies in refugee crises. While the 40-page brief is filled with arguments in support of immigration, it hardly...
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blog post | 02.08.16

For Refugees, a Digital Passage to Europe

Mark Latonero

D&S Fellow Mark Latonero considers the digital infrastructure for movement of refugees — the social media platforms, mobile apps, online maps, instant messaging, translation websites, wire money transfers, cell...
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Other | 02.01.16

Refugees’ New Infrastructure for Movement

Mark Latonero

A Digital Passage Phones, social media, mobile apps, online maps, instant messaging, translation websites, wire money transfers, cell phone charging stations, and Wi-Fi hotspots have created a new infrastructure...
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