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at Culture Digitally, we’re thinking about our scholarship in the harsh light of this week

Tarleton Gillespie, Hector Postigo, Jonathan Sterne, Thomas Streeter, Seth Lewis, Kate Zyskowski, Tom Boellstorff, Shawn Walker, Josh Braun, Jesse Houf, Robert Gehl, Jessa Lingel, Sarah Banet-Weiser

D&S advisor Tarleton Gillespie joins other scholars in considering the place of research and scholarship in a post-Trump USA.

But as scholars, we do a disservice to allow for simple or single explanations. “Perfect storm” has become a cliche, but I can see a set of elements that had to all be true, that came together, to produce the election we just witnessed: Globalization, economic precarity, and fundamentalist reactionary responses; the rise of the conservative right and its target tactics, especially against the Clintons; backlashes to multiculturalism, diversity, and the election of President Obama; the undoing of the workings and cultural authority of journalism; the alt-right and the undercurrents of social media; the residual fear and anxiety in America after 9/11. It is all of these things, and they were all already connected, before candidate Trump emerged.

Tarleton Gillespie

Hector Postigo

Jonathan Sterne

Thomas Streeter

Seth Lewis

Kate Zyskowski

Tom Boellstorff

Shawn Walker

Josh Braun

Jesse Houf

Robert Gehl

Jessa Lingel

Sarah Banet-Weiser


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